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Consultancy since 2011

From veterinary practitioner to meat industry

Having worked for several years as a veterinary practitioner and equine anesthesiologist, the switch was made early 2004 to the meat industry, more specific the production and trade of natural casings. Edible sausage skins, produced from the intestines of animals slaughtered for human consumption. With great attention to detail and daily practice I was able to develop a HACCP-based guide to good practice, which is currently in use as the global standard for the casing industry. Working for the casing industry I started my PhD in 2005, focussing on certain aspects of Quality Assurance in the processing of casings, at Utrcht University, which I defended successfully in 2009. Food safety and the prevention of spreading contagious animal diseases via casings have been key subjects in this PhD. These subjects have continued to receive our attention in various completed or ongoing studies done by the international casing industry.

Start VPH Consultancy

In 2011 VPH Consultancy was established, with the international casing industry as a highly-valued customer. Also various other (international) clients have been contracted and assisted successfully since then.

Additional positions

Apart from the afore mentioned work, a substantial teaching and research experience has been developed as visiting assistant professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University. In addition, I currently serve as an officer in the Royal Netherlands Army, Group Military Vetrinarians.

Specialist Veterinary Public Health

Specialist Veterinary Public Health

Joris Wijnker is registered since 2009 as Specialist Veterinary Public Health  with the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association. Veterinary public health is the specific part of veterinary science dealing with all interactions of animals and their products on the one hand and human health on the other.

Short and multi-year contracts

Clients find their way to VPH Consultancy for both short and multi-year contracts, resulting in fully satisfactory agreements for all parties involved.

Additional positions

Royal Netherlands Army

As Major-veterinarian I serve with the Operational Support Command Land of the Royal Netherlands Army. Our focus is on Force Health Protection, in support of operational readiness. Areas of interest are contagious animal diseases, zoonoses, water quality, food safety and public health.


Utrecht University

In addition to the practical application of my work, I also have a position as visiting assistant professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University. This way I can share my practical knowledge and experience with bachelor and master students, within the discipline of veterinary public health. I also have a supervisory role in various students’ research projects, with special attention to veterinary crisis management.

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