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Practical, science based solutions for industry and competent authorities

VPH Consultancy focuses on the meat industry, producers of animal by-products, research institutes and competent authorities dealing with veterinary public health and food safety. Our goal is to find practical solutions based on scientific grounds.

In this respect, applied scientific research and papers, hygiene codes, interpretation and application of European legislation and business coaching.

Meat industry

Since 2004 I have gained ample experience in slaughterhouse activities (especially red meat) and the processing of meat products, both for human consumption and petfood. In the Netherlands and beyond. My focus is on the practical application of relevant legislation, hygiene and risk management.

European government

Due to my work and experience in both the Dutch and European meat industry, I have been able to develop good working relations with the competent authorities at various levels. A thorough knowlegde of the relevant subjects, praktical solutions and always keeping an eye on the public and indivdual (company) interest have led to successful cooperations on many different subjects. A high value is placed on a good reputation and integrity.

previous and current projects

Biogas production

VPH Consultancy has provided  support on the subject of biogas production (turning animal waste products into green gas), by developing and implementing a company-specific hygiene plan. Based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principle, it is a legal prerequisite for an officially approved company.

Veterinary crisis management

Have you ever thought about what to do in case of a flood or a fire in a pigsty or cowshed? Which part can the veterinarian play in these scenarios and what to do with your animals in times of crisis? Together with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht University), the Ministry of Agriculture and Security Regions, is Joris Wijnker working to find concrete answers to these important questions. Not only on the practical and operational side, but also via research and education. Key elements are the development of an action perspective en resilience of those involved and the preservation of animal welfare.

Service dogs for veterans with PTSD

During my work as a military veterinarian I became deeply impressed by the support provided by service dogs to veterans suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. From this perspective I have started the V-PWR project, together with some colleagues. Our aim: to provide a scientific basis for the relation between man and dog, allowing a better matching and improving the welbeing of the veteran with PTSD and his service dog. One Welfare.

Service dogs

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