Advice, Training & Projects


VPH Consultancy is a consultancy firm aiming at companies, organisations and governmental services working in the field of veterinary public health, food safety animal welfare and crisis management. We offer practical solutions to all your questions and assignments, based on clear arguments and scientific grounds.


Publications and reports, specific educational programmes and training, applied scientific research and direct support to people and animals. Your starting point or concrete question will be clearly visible in the solutions we create together.

Applied veterinary science

Having worked as a practitioner for five years, I have gained a lot of experience with products of animal origin for human consumption since 2004, both domestic and abroad. With a focus on the practical application of relevant legislation, hygiene and risk management. For some time now my attention has shifted back again from products to individual animals, focussing on animal welfare and animal health in emergency situations and (natural) disasters. 'One Health' - 'One Welfare' - 'One Rescue'.


Through my various activities I have been able to develop good relations with competent authorities, both at national and international level, but also with various research institutes and other organisations. Relevant background knowledge, practical solutions and always keeping in mind the general and individual interest, for both people and animals, have resulted in successful cooperations on many subjects. Maintaining a solid reputation and integrity are of paramount importance.