Veterinary preparedness for natural disasters

One of the subjects VPH Consultancy is currently involved in focuses on the veterinary preparedness for natural disasters. Having addressed the issue as part of a veterinary teaching programme at Utrecht University, various studies and papers over the past years have resulted into a novel approach for farmers and veterinarians. This appraoch is based on a newly developed indicator system known as the “Farm Evacuation Coefficient” (Wijnker et al., Veterinary Record  2018). Further research is now being done to bring the FEC into practice. In addition, the sensitive subject of what to do with farm animals in case rescue is not a viable option will also be studied in great detail, taking into account the opinion of various international experts and professionals.

These research developments led to an invitation as speaker at the BTSF Workshop on this subject in Grange (Ireland), December 2018, organised by the European Commission Services.

The full report of this BTSF workshop is available at VPH Consultancy.

Different partnerships are now being developed for further collaboration on this important subject.

Cows rescued from flooded river by RSPCA

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Selection of past and current projects

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